A Love Letter to You 4 (ALLTY4)
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  • Artist: Trippie Redd
  • Tracks: (7)
  • Release Date: November 19th
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
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This tracklist is unconfirmed . it's compiled of recent singles, snippets, and song titles sourced from streaming services, PRO’s, and social media. it's strictly speculative and has not been confirmed by the creative person. we are going to update this tracklist as additional data involves lightweight.

A billet doux To You four is Associate in Nursing forthcoming mixtape from Trippie Redd within the ALLTY series, the present unleash date is unknown, though it's expected to return out someday in 2019, following his sophomore album !. This project came into existence thanks to Trippie Redd’s breakup with Coi Leray, though there's little or no data regarding things. this implies that his Mobile Pussy Suit mixtape was terribly probably scrapped, together with his untitled rock project being pushed back to 2020.

This project’s existence was confirmed by Trippie in an Instagram post from August thirty first, 2019

Trippie Redd A Love Letter to You 4 (ALLTY4) Album Tracklist


This Ain’t That

by: Trippie Redd

6 Kiss

by: Trippie Redd

All for Me

by: Trippie Redd


by: Trippie Redd

Who Needs Love

by: Trippie Redd


by: Trippie Redd

Love Me More

by: Trippie Redd

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