Bhad Bhabie and Lil Gotit Tease Collaboration & currently We’re Pretty Sure They’re Dating

Making music together is the regular initial phase in a hip bounce couple’s relationship.

Last Friday, we got a tip about another hip jump power couple: Bhad Bhabie and Lil Gotit. The two were all over one another on IG Live, Bhad Bhabie sniffing and kissing the rising YSL craftsman’s neck. It appeared to be a semi-trivial move, considering this cuddling was communicated on a similar day as Youngboy NBA’s collection discharge, who is Bhabie’s previous boo. Be that as it may, we’re upbeat for the new couple and eager to hear the music they’re concocting together.

Both Bhad Bhabie and Lil Gotit posted a similar photograph of themselves together in the studio. While they did exclude any subtitles that could without a doubt affirm that they are dating, Lil Gotit teased that “We Gotta Hit 4 Y’all.” A couple of hours after the fact, he posted a one-minute video of himself moving along to another tune titled “Opp Control.” Bhad Bhabie isn’t heard on the piece, yet she reposted the clasp on her IG story, so maybe this is their coordinated effort. The potential lovebirds even have an ideal pair name to use for their music together: #HoodBhabie. Lil Gotit incorporated this hashtag in his subtitle, which riffs on him and his sibling, Lil Keed’s, trademark motto.

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